Parent Questionnaires Instructions

The Just Breathe Clinic would like you to complete the following questionnaires.  Your answers are important. They will help us to provide the best possible care for you and your child.


You and your child will be filling out different questionnaires.  We want you to answer questions that will help us to understand your concerns, such as how you see your child and your family relationships.  Your child will answer questions that will help us to better understand their concerns on different issues, such as eating, body image, mood and related behaviours.   


The questions asked are easy to understand. You will find further instructions at the beginning of each questionnaire.  

Below these instructions you will see a list of questionnaires. Please click on the questionnaires that you were asked to complete. After you finish each questionnaire, you can click on the 'return to the child questionnaires' button to select your next questionnaire.  Please ONLY complete the questionnaires that you were asked to do.


The clinicians on our team will be meeting later on to review and discuss all of the information that you have shared with us.  If you have any specific questions regarding the results of the psychological questionnaires, you may make arrangements to receive further feedback.