Please rate the following statements on the 5-point scale below. Rate them according to how you are thinking/feeling at the moment.

1. I don’t have the knowledge to take a leadership role when it comes to achieving a total victory over the eating disorder.
2. Parents cannot be seen as the solution in the treatment of the eating disorder until ways in which they have caused it have been properly explored.
3. I feel equipped with specific practical strategies for the task of bringing about the complete recovery of my child in the home setting.
4. It is not always advisable to get tough with a child with the eating disorder because he/she will experience too much trauma and distress
5. My own parental instincts are a more reliable guide for the task of achieving the recovery of my child from the eating disorder than any expert advice I might receive from professionals.
6. While parents are important, children with the eating disorder will never get better until they receive some sort of individual therapy themselves